Full-Mouth Rehabilitations Toronto

The ability to change the lives of their patients through comprehensive care is truly a wonderful part of dentistry that Dr. Randy Singh, Dr. Marty Sekand, Dr. Ken Jandoo or Dr. Steven Schneider enjoy and take pride in. The goal is to understand and address your chief concerns and desires, as well as to understand all the medical and dental implications related to your restorative dental treatment plan.


At Malvern Town Centre Dental , we understand that severely worn down, missing, or badly damaged teeth can truly have a detrimental effect on your ability to chew, speak and smile. Teeth marred by neglect, lack of care, and improper dentistry often require comprehensive restorative treatment, a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures that may include periodontal therapy, endodontic treatment, veneers, bridges, crowns, implants or other dental work.

Meet Jerome

Jerome, a vibrant 30 year old in the service industry, was very unhappy with his teeth. Years of grinding had taken a toll and worn down his teeth to less than half of their original size. His smile did not reflect his engaging personality at all; in fact it made him look decades older.

Then he came to us. Jerome wanted his youthful smile back. Using metal free, all-porcelain crowns we were able to build his teeth back to their original condition and delivered results that he couldn’t have possibly ever imagined! Please note that his case was completed at our Richmond Hill office.

In his own words:

When I first came to Richmond Hill Dentistry I was nervous as I hadn’t been to a dentist in some time and suffered a lot of pain and discomfort with the state my teeth were in. Dr. Jandoo and the rest of the team at Richmond Hill Dentistry were very welcoming and quickly removed any anxiety I had. Dr. Jandoo outlined his plan for treatment and also offered great financing options. Over the following 12 months from my first visit, the changes to my smile and my confidence were incredible!! I no longer have any pain and no longer am I embarrassed to show off my smile.

Richmond Hill Dentistry did a fantastic job! Many thanks!


Orthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry

Both of these beautiful results were achieved with orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Not only did we straighten their smiles but in both cases placed 2 natural all-porcelain crowns on their small lateral incisors to give them dazzling results.





Bianca Chauhan before
Bianca Chauhan after3


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