The Best Way To Secure Ill-Fitting, Loose Dentures!

mini1Unlike full implant placement where multiple dental visits are required, Mini Dental Implants (Mini dental implants) eliminate the need for surgery. The development of long term mini dental implants now allows Dr. Randy Singh, Dr. Marty Sekand, Dr. Ken Jandoo or Dr. Steven Schneider to place anchors in the jaw during one non-invasive treatment. The most common use for mini-implants is the stabilization of dentures and overdentures. Mini implants firmly anchor your dentures in place, which means there is no longer any need to suffer with ill-fitting, loose dentures.

Mini dental implants are designed to eliminate bone grafting and expedite treatment. Full implants require significant bone grafting and recovery period to allow the implant anchor to properly embed itself into the jawbone. The smaller sized mini dental implant means that no recovery period is necessary, and the denture can be fitted the same day, in one visit.


What are the advantages of MINI DENTAL IMPLANTS placement?

  • Mini dental implants are a true innovation for people who are reluctant to have invasive dental surgery and for denture wearers.
  • One significant advantage mini dental implants have over full implants is that they offer a viable treatment choice for patients who have experienced extensive bone loss.
  • Depending on the quality and density of jawbone available at the implant site, four of these mini implants may be implanted at one time.
  • Mini dental implants also minimize cost. Full-sized implants can be expensive to place, especially if many visits are required.
  • The most common use for mini dental implants is to stabilize a lower denture, however they can be placed anywhere in the mouth.
  • The whole mini dental implant placement procedure takes approximately one hour.
  • In almost all cases, no stitching is required and no real discomfort is felt after the procedure.
  • After the denture placement procedure is complete, light eating can be resumed.
  • The denture can be removed and cleaned at will.
  • Mini dental implants enhance the natural beauty of the smile and restore full functionality to the teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns about mini dental implants, please book a complimentary mini dental implant consultation with Dr. Randy Singh, Dr. Marty Sekand, Dr. Ken Jandoo or Dr. Steven Schneider at their Richmond Hill Dental Office. He is an experienced dental implant dentist, who can answer your questions and concerns.

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