Single Dental Implant


singleimplant2Dental Implants are small metal screws designed specifically to replace your natural tooth root.  Manufactured from titanium, dental implants provide a highly biocompatible surface, encouraging bone to attach to the implant during the healing process to ensure long term stability. Restoration with an all-ceramic crown results in a beautiful, natural-looking translucent tooth, just like the tooth being replaced!

Key Benefits Of Replacing A Missing Tooth With A Dental Implant:

  • Adjacent teeth remain intact – no grinding required
  • Stimulation restored to underlying bone; bone integrity is preserved
  • Long term aesthetic results – implants outlast all other forms of tooth replacement
  • Titanium is strong and naturally accepted by the body
  • Comparable in cost to a traditional 3 unit bridge
Brent implant healing cap
Brent implant crown just placed


BrentB4 implant crown
Brent implant crown in ortho done